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Scientifically proven to spread joy, because SCIENCE.

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It does all the things!

The Joy Spreader 3000 turns any dreary holiday moment into pure, unfiltered, artisanal joy. If you imagine it, it can probably do it. What could possibly go wrong?

21 Unique Modes, with More to Come.

  • Living Room Mode
  • Car Mode
  • Kitchen Mode
  • Crazy Relative Mode
  • Shopping Mode
  • Parking Lot Mode
  • Party Mode
  • Child Mode
  • Puppy Mode
  • Jail Mode
  • Concert Mode
  • Airplane Mode
  • Bus Mode
  • Loneliness Mode
  • Broke AF Mode
  • Too Much Mariah Mode
  • Vegas Mode
  • Heavy Drinking Mode
  • Train Mode
  • Tractor Mode

*Only minor explosions

Sold Out

Joy Spreader 3000


3 Easy Installments + S&H

  • 21 modes
  • Free Case
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Or Call 1-833-4483-569

This product is currently sold out.

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Happy Holidays from the Morsekode Team

If you’re just a small-town girl living in a lonely world, you can take the midnight train to Morsekode, and blast some chicken nuggets out of our t-shirt cannon. During the holidays, we just need a little somethin’ to take the edge off. Enjoy!